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SleepDoc+ makes you fall asleep faster, improves your sleep quality and wakes you up fresh as never before!

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Not just any sleep monitoring device.
Understand your sleep with AI

The SleepDoc+ mobile app gives you instant access to everything you could want to know about your sleep. View a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycles, see what happened during your night, discover trends in your sleep quality, and much more.

mbreath sleepdoc sleep report
mbreath sleepdoc sleep assessment

AI enabled personalized assessment
to improve your sleep

SleepDoc+ helps you to get the most out of your sleep with suggestions tailored to your sleep patterns. Suggest your optimal sleeping environment, and let you know how your daily routine impacts the quality of your sleep.

Control Your Smart Home Appliances

with your state of sleep

SleepDoc+ mobile app would be loaded with tons of feature to control your home appliances with your state of sleep. It provides you with the best night sleep while keeping optimal sleep environment.

Never miss your favourite sport!

SleepDoc+ takes care of everything about you. Now, no need to keep looking on the mobile screen to get updates.
Simply, connect SleepDoc+ with your home Wi-Fi or mobile Bluetooth and set preferences to get updates directly on the SleepDoc+ screen.

mbreath sleepdoc scorecard
mbreath sleepdoc environment help

Know the best what works for you

As SleepDoc+ learns about your sleeping patterns, it provides you with detailed personalized suggestions on how to improve your sleep through the necessary changes to your environment as well as your routine. When you know how your day affects your night, you’ll know how to sleep better.

Soothing Music and Light Therapy

Guided Breathing Meditation

Everyday 15-minutes guided breathing builds awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the body.
SleepDoc+ provides customized guided breathing meditation help based on the individual sleeping patterns.

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Wake up energized with your Smart Alarm

A disturbed sleep leaves you feeling groggy and tired. SleepDoc+ can wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

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