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No, Smart Sleep Sense and mobile works independently. It stores data on the internal memory and syncs with mobile phone periodically. However, if the phone is not available, it will keep the data until it synced with the mobile phone.

No way, it only records the level of sound, we understand your privacy.

We have made Smart Sleep Sense in such a way you do not need to engage with your device. However, nothing is 100% perfect, so that if you get some problem with your device you can contact us at or you can create an online support ticket at

Yes, you can order Smart Sleep Sense from e-commerce websites as well as from mBreath’s site.

You can put it somewhere on your table.

Presently we have support only for Android but in future, we would add support for iOS too.

Smart Sleep Sense works on wireless low power RADAR technology.

Yes, of course, It is 100% safe to use. The maximum transmission power of RADAR is well below to the limit. It is something like having a WiFi router in your room.

It works on wireless RADAR technology. The Smart Sleep Sense transmit high-frequency wave and modulated respiration and heart rate reflects back to the RADAR receiver.

Smart Sleep Sense would be initially available to the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and India. You can pre-order it from the march 2017.

No, Smart Sleep Sense automatically switches to the home network if it finds. You only need to provide your home network password.

No, you do not need to charge it. You need to connect it to the power source. However, it has battery support for backup in case of power cut.

We are providing 10-day return policy with no question asked.

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